The North And The South

The North - Norwegian Forest Cats in Norway

The pre-history of the breed goes a long way back - but history starts with the first three kittens in the experimental registry of the NRR : no. 1, Fabiola, black female, no. 2, Felix, black male, no. 3, Frikk, brown mackerel tabby male. They were born on May 30, 1972, to unregistered sire Brutus, and the dam Susy was later registered as no. 19. The first 8 cats are registered simply as Skogkatt - Forest Cat - and only no. 9, Timian, a smoke,born in 1972 and registered in 1973, is called a Norsk Skogkatt - Norwegian Forest Cat. During 1974 and 1975 things got moving, and the breed was recognized by FIFe i in 1977 with a little over 200 cats in the experimental registry.

Today, in 2002, they are the second most popular breed - and in some shows, they have even been the most numerous breed of all.

Their country of origin stretches by latitude from the North Sea to the shores of the Arctic Ocean, where cats can only survive winters unaided in a few places along the coast where mild ocean climate rules. And yet, cats who live with access to outside runs spend a lot of time outside even in the cold of winter, as long as they can find shelter against wind and moisture. Of course, such outside runs need to give shade against the hot summer sun, too.

Most breeders cooperate either through the breed club Norsk Skogkattring, through its local groups, or through their own networks, in breeding cats that preserve genetic diversity and avoid inbreeding. Health is important to us, and it would be a disaster if we ever started producing cats with the birthing trouble or genetic weaknesses seen in some breeds.

The South - Norwegian Forest Cats in South Africa


The Norwegian Forest Cat is a relatively new breed to South Africa, they were only recognised here in January 1994. Fjord's Odin, born in January 1990, bred from Naima's Sylvester and Froya de la Pendjari, who were in South Africa for a short time before returning to Belgium, was the foundation Stud in this country. Kyrrekat Minerva, bred from Hakon Rein Felis Jubatus and Kyrrekat Nematona, was imported from the United Kingdom and Potpourri av Trollsfjord DM, bred from IC. Unikum av Trollsfjord and GIC. Matilda av Trollsfjord and imported from Germany, were the foundation queens in this country. For a few years, there were very few breeders of the Norwegian Forest Cat in South Africa and very few people had even heard of the breed. Thanks to the hard work of the first breeders and their beautiful cats, the breed is now more widely know and is usually well represented at shows. The Norwegian Forest Cat Development Group of South Africa, have decided against importing entirely white cats, or cats with white ears into the country, because of the risk of skin cancer. We have the genetic capability in our cats to produce any other colour, including red and cream females.


We have in our breeding gene pool a number of imported cats, from the following catteries: Felis Audax, Von Aminius, Elkington, Sakeena, Dansbjerg, Elvdal, Starkad.


We have a number of exhibitions and shows throughout the year, held by the various clubs under the auspices of one of the governing organisations. There are Norwegian Forest Cats in attendance at most shows. We usually target one show per season, in Cape Town, to have a large number of Norwegian Forest Cats present. At the Strand Show in 2001 there were more than 25 Norwegian Forest Cats, one of which won Best Medium Hair Entire on show and another who won Best Medium Hair Neuter on show!


In 1999 there were two Norwegian Forest Cats in the South African Cat of the Year competition, Sup. Ch. Ratatosk Eros was 9th best Entire of all breeds 1999. He was also best Entire Norwegian Forest Cat in South Africa, 1999. Supreme Premier Furry Boots Hugi was 2nd best Neuter of all breeds in South Africa 1999, also Best Neuter Medium hair in South Africa 1999 and Best Neuter Norwegian Forest Cat in South Africa 1999. In 2001 Gr. Ch. DK Elkington's Grizzley Bear took part in the Cape Top Cat competition. This year (2002) there are a number of Norwegian Forest Cats in contention for both the Cat of the Year and the Cape Top Cat competitions, it is still early in the season, Cat of the Year finals are in early July and Cape Top Cat finals are in September or October, we hope that we will have more KATHERINA DEN STORErepresentatives of our breed by that time. Sup. Ch. Ratatosk Eros is the highest titled, breeding Norwegian Forest Cat at the moment.


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