They are proud, intelligent and smart. If you have seen them once, you will remember them forever - amazing look, magnificent coat and unique expression. Aware of their own beauty, those cats never fail to draw attention.

Norwegian Forest Cats from the distant North have become popular in Poland very quickly. They adapt easily to almost any living condition (a flat is as good as a house with a garden), are sociable and get on perfectly with every household member - those features combined with their temperament and charm are the reasons for the increasing numbers of Norwegian Forest Cats in Polish homes.

We are a group of breeders belonging to the local branches of the Felis Polonia Federation (FIFe). In 2000, we founded the Norwegian Forest Cats Breeders and Fanciers Club AGNAR, affiliated with the Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Kotów "Jedynka" (member of the Felis Polonia Federation).

Our club organizes NFO Special or Hobby Shows within the international cat shows in Poland and is the organizer and sponsor of the TOP.NFO.PL, a ranking of the most successful Norwegian Forest Cats in Poland. We are also busy organizing theme competitions for the best photographs of wegies and sharing information via the discussion board online.

Members of our club actively promote conscious breeding and support actions for the neutering of the homeless cats. Since 2004, AGNAR has published 4 edidtios of the NFO charity calendar. Profits from the calendar have been used to help shelters & volunteers taking care of the rescued cats.

We would like to invite you to browse our site - here you can find lots of news regarding the Norwegian Forest Cats, show results, short history of the breed, information about the breeders and some useful advice for the "newbies".


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