NFO Special 2005 - Rok kota norweskiego w Polsce

The very special year 2005 will be marked by three NFO special shows in Poland.

On behalf of the The Polish Cat Breeders' Association SHKRP and Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders' and Fanciers' Club AGNAR as well as all Polish NFO breeders, owners and fanciers we have the honour of inviting you to the celebrations of the 15th anniversary of the Norwegian Forest Cat in Poland. We will start the jubilee celebrations in


1. Warszawa see the results
2. Łódź see the results
3. Poznań see the results

The celebrations will continue in May with the Norwegian Forest Spring NFO special show at the International Cat Show in Łódź ( on the 14th &15th of May.

The grand finale of the anniversary year 2005 will take place in Poznań ( on the 26th & 27th of November.

We would like to share our joy and our celebrations of that special anniversary with the special people - united in our love and devotion to the Norwegian Forest Cats.
Let us celebrate the Polish Year of the Norwegian Forest Cat together!


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